Thermojet Mexico is a new and powerful alternative for glass furnace draining and heating up jobs. The company is a joint venture between Thermojet Brazil and Hans Mehl, of MGFS and focuses on furnace draining, controlled cooling down, controlled heating up, bolt control, filling with cullet, checker cleaning and hold hot in the glass manufacturing industry. Thermojet Brazil started activities in the year 2000. It has developed its own burners and software and has acquired patents on several innovations. Today Thermojet Brazil has more than 250 burner sets operating in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. The agreement between Thermojet Brazil and Hans Mehl, was officially signed on September 21st 2023 in Mexico City. The official name of the new company is Thermojet Mexico and the company will be based in Tequisquiapan, State of Queretaro. This location is located centrally for the glass industry. Thermojet Mexico will be fully operational by beginning of 2024 as the equipment for heating up, draining etc. is presently being manufactured completely new. The equipment for the Mexican market will count with the latest technology available. Local Mexican specialists will have access to the experience and knowledge of their Brazilian counterpart and the good name and reputation of Thermojet Brazil. Its Mexican employees have more than 15 years-experience in furnace construction, hot repairs, drains and heat up jobs. Hans Mehl said: “We are able to simulate your heat-up curve before the job starts. Together with the information of your refractory manufacturer, temperature curve and time, we will simulate the heat up process on the computer before even the first burner is lit. “This will allow for a better bolt control job and to avoid unforeseen surprises. Also you can decide if your present heat-up curve is too long or too short in time for the refractory material chosen. “We offer draining with or without water recycling. The water recycling process is not new and revolutionary as other companies are claiming. “It is a necessary result of the demands of the industry and environment. Also we can offer the different types of filling the furnaces with cullet. «We can blow in the cullet, vibrate the cullet with water cooled chutes or we can sieve and separate the fine particles of the factory cullet before vibrating in with chutes. «All of these are also no new technologies but we have operated and developed these systems for more than 25 years and we know perfectly how to use them for the best results of the customers needs.” Contact details are Hans Mehl Edgar Ramirez